About Us

Satvik Agro is a  manufacturer of Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables and Powders by using a unique Solar Dehydration Process. Healthy Food and Herbal Powders are manufactured without using any Chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours beneficial to boost immunity power & useful to treat with Diabetes and other Health issues. Fruits and Vegetables are directly collected from local farmers and hygienically processed. Also, our entire manufacturing process is environment friendly and zero pollution as we use Solar Energy to manufacture our products such as Solar Cabinet Dryer and Solar Tunnel Dryer. Moreover, these machines are manufactured by our company itself. Thus, we believe that we follow Good Manufacturing Practices as we prevent Agricultural loss and minimise food wastage by increasing Fruits or Vegetables shelf life upto more than a year. e.g., we manufacture Dehydrated Ambadi Flakes; this is a green leafy vegetable where we have only removed water and preserved all nutrients and flavours. We need to just add water to soak it for 10 minutes, then you can cook this same as any green leafy Vegetable. In addition, our herbal powders are useful in most of the health problems such as Weak immunity power, Diabetes and Heart issues.


According to the Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, India’s 16% of Agriculture produce (Fruits and Vegetables) get wasted every year due to insufficient storage facilities, costly transportation and lack of marketing facilities. 


Solar Dehydration process by using a dehydrator can be 50% cheaper and 100% green if Farmers use this on their farms. Hygienically processed Fruits and Vegetables are the outcomes of healthy food. For Example, we buy Jamun from local farmers and local forest people to manufacture Dry Jamun chips and Jamun Seed Powder which can be useful to treat Diabetes patients throughout the year.


Waste to wealth by adding value in each level of production process with minimum manufacturing cost is one of the benefits for business. Sustainable Business Development and Green Supply Chain are also few major benefits to manufacture.