Satvik Agro Bitter Gourd Powder

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  • Satvik Agro Bitter Gourd Powder, 25gm, 100% Pure, Solar Dried, Natural, Dehydrated
  • Ingredients: 100% Pure Dehydrated Bitter Gourd
  • Directions:
    Bitter Gourd Powder could use to make receipe a Versatile and Delicious. Also, you can sprinkle Bitter Gourd Powder on Fruits and Vegetables salad to make your nutritional dish.

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Bitter Gourd Powder may helps in maintaining healthy Blood Sugar level and Cholesterol level. Bitter Gourd Powder can beneficial for Diabetic patients, it decreases the level of fructosamine which helps to lower blood Sugar level. Bitter Gourd may aid weight loss and decrease belly fat as it is low in Calories and high in Fibre. Bitter Gourd could act as a blood purifier; it also, helps in destroying the warms of stomach. Allergic- Pregnant women should consult with doctor before consume it.

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