Satvik Agro Ginger Powder

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Health Benefits:

  • Helps to prevent Nausea especially Morning Sickness
  • May effective against Menstrual pain
  • Helps to reduce Muscle pain and Sourness
  • Can be beneficial for people with indigestion and related stomach discomfort
  • Ginger may improve Brain function and protect against Alzimer’s disease
  • Can help to fight infection.

Direction to use:

  • Can be used in various ways to cook food such as Spicing food and beverages, seasoning, making ginger tea and it also use as a flavour in a verity of baked dishes like Ginger Cookies and Ginger Candies.

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About Ginger Powder

Ginger is a popular ingredient in cooking, and especially in Asian and Indian cuisine. For thousands of years, ginger has been used in traditional medicine, which is a rich source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, such as gingerol, beta-carotene, capsaicin, and curcumin.

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